Bath Departure Point

Information on your pickup and drop off points will be on the booking page and confirmed by email. Here is some extra information for Bath.

Central Location – Broad Quay (soon to be ‘Bath Quays’)

Located at the end of the visitor moorings for Bath, close to Bath Bus Station, on the waterside next to Avon Street car park. We do not have a base here, there is a post market ‘No Mooring – Trip Boat Only’. You will see the boat in the photos 5 minutes before departure or hovering if the location is busy. Please keep away from the river and keep children under close supervision while waiting. Always call us if you have a problem finding our location near to the departure time.

Google Search: Broad Quay Bath

Nearest building postcode: BA1 1UD

Avon Street Car Park postcode: BA1 1UF

Here is a photo of the location and a Parking Map with an arrow also showing the location.


Bath Location Map Broad Quay